Swedish Activists Fight to Block Large Deportation of Afghan Men

Swedish leftists and migrant allies attempted to obstruct the deportation of some 25 adult Afghan males, in what authorities are calling the largest expulsion in years.

Approximately 100 activists protested outside a government migration office north of Stockholm, eventually surrounding a bus headed to the airport and clashing with police, local media reports.

The deportees were exclusively males over the age of 18, according to border police officer Patrik Engström.

"The reason why there are so many is that we have handled many cases lately and have had a lot of people sitting in custody for a long time," Engström told Dagens Nyheter.

"From the police side, I believe it's important to emphasize that our mission is to enforce government decisions while ensuring that people who want to hear opinions against such decisions can do so. That's what we did yesterday."

The protest was organized by Ung i Sverige (Young In Sweden), a pro-migrant group dedicated to preventing deportations of Afghans back to their home country.

"It feels terrible. I really thought the expulsion would be canceled, because it is so remarkable to expel them to Afghanistan, especially today," Elin Moren, a member of Ung i Sverige told Götesborg-Posten.

As Infowars has reported at length, violent crime, sexual assaults, and gang rapes have exploded in frequency in Sweden in recent years, with migrant males from the Middle East and Africa frequently the perpetrators.

Roughly 85 percent of recent gang rapes or group sex assaults in Sweden involved attackers with “foreign origins,” according to a 2017 report — figures that were later effectively corroborated by Swedish mainstream press, which is generally reluctant to discuss the connection between uncontrolled immigration and crime.

Earlier this month, two Afghan migrants were charged in the rape of a 15-year-old girl in Stockholm.

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