Swedish City Blows Budget on Empty Migrant Homes

A Swedish city is paying a quarter million Kroner a month for unused homes built for migrants.

The city, Trelleborg, is stuck in a 2015 agreement from the height of Europe’s migrant crisis that provided three homes to accommodate the surge of migrants, but throughout 2018 two of them have been empty.

“No one thinks it's good," said a city official. “There's no positive message to the citizens with the houses being empty.”

“It is clear that the money could have gone elsewhere.”

To date, the total rent paid on the unused homes is 2.4 million Kroner (SEK); for this reason, Trelleborg will miss its budget allocated for migrant reception by 3 million SEK.

The town is obligated to fulfill the lease and keep paying for the unused homes until Spring 2019.

The opposition party blasted the poor management of resources and said almost any alternative would have worked better, including putting the migrants on boats.

“At the very least, they should not have signed the agreement at the outset,” said the Moderate leader. “There should be no priority for refugees in the housing market.”

“Rent a boat in the harbor instead, so they can stay there forever. There were many possible solutions for the situation.”

Ultimately, the proposal to have migrants live in the harbor on the town’s edge was voted down because doing so would hinder their ability to “integrate” into society.

“Today, I do not see the need for such a proposal,” said a chairman. “The purpose is to integrate new arrivals into society, and so it's not a good idea to place everyone in a boat in the harbor.”

(PHOTO: Susanne Nilsson via Wikimedia Commons)

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