Swedish City Issues Safety Tips To Employees Going Outdoors

City workers in Malmö, Sweden, have been issued a list of safety tips and protocols to follow when they are moving about in public spaces, according to local media.

An email sent to government employees was obtained by Expressen and serves as a stark indicator of the deteriorating conditions in one of Sweden's most troubled cities, despite local officials consistently claiming that all is well in culturally-enriched Malmö.

Some directives in an advisory titled, "Personal safety - tips and advice on how to avoid getting into unwanted situations," include the following:

  • "Before leaving a stairwell, first look out and make an assessment of the surroundings."
  • "Avoid looking at mobile phones when you are outdoors."
  • "Park as close to the address you are visiting, preferably an illuminated place."
  • “Plan your itinerary - know your area. Alternative routes / entrances / exits."
  • "Try to minimize the time from when you park your bike / car until you enter the building."
  • "Keep away from people who are considered potentially threatening or dangerous and increase the distance if there are no other people nearby."

“We live in a big city where things are happening that we have to tackle,” says Åsa Ollerstam Lundh, head of health-care and care management — a justification similar to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s comments on the risks of Islamic terrorism being merely “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

One employee blasted the hypocrisy of city officials who advertise Malmö as a city heading in the "right direction," while effectively admitting that it is not behind the scenes.

"In the media, the municipality goes out and says that everything is good, even though it is not. Then they send this kind of mail to their employees," the staffer said.

Violence in Malmö and Sweden as a whole has been particularly high in recent weeks, with a slew of bombings and deadly shootings taking place.

Malmö has seen a surge in crime in recent years, ranging from grenade and firebombing attacks, to rape and gang violence – a reality even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge.

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