Swedish City Launches 'Dirty-Talking' Trash Cans to Discourage Littering

In a bid to rid the city of litter and encourage citizens to keep the streets clean, the Swedish city of Malmö has resorted to unorthodox measures.

The Malmö City's hope is that the erotic messages played every time you open the rubbish bin will entice residents to take their garbage properly in hand and stop littering.

Newly installed rubbish bins thank passers-by with a deep sensual voice and spicy remarks which are charged with thinly veiled sexual innuendos, such as “Oh yeah,, right in there”, and a few moans in between. Apart from thanking the public for their rubbish contributions, the trash cans suggestively beg for more.

“We need to get rid of all the filth that goes on our streets and squares”, Marie Persson, section manager at the Real Estate and Street Office in the city of Malmö, told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

During the pandemic, bins applauded Malmö residents for keeping their distance, but now the messages have been replaced by saucier comments and cheeky interjections.

The city of Malmö chose to install the unconventional bins because they'll go to great lengths to ensure their city is nice and clean. They believe that the humorous and sexually laden messages will do it.

“We already know that ordinary pointers and advice don't work when it comes to behavior change. That is why we are testing a new approach,” Persson explained.

According to her, the talkative bins not only encourage more interaction, but have room for more trash than ordinary silent ones.

“If you want to hear more, you simply have to go there and throw in some more rubbish,” Persson explains about the vocal encouragement that is operated by a sensor every time you open the trash can is opened.

The city declined to reveal whose voice is used on the sensual messages, saying only that the voice belongs to someone rather famous whom Malmö residents should recognize.

Later, however, rap artist Joy M'Batha admitted that is was she who was voicing the scheme.

“Congratulations to you those living in Malmö. Now you can hear me moan while taking care of the environment!” she wrote on Instagram.

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The revolution will not be televised.

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