Swedish City Rocked by Night of 'Unparalleled' Arson Attacks

Police in Eskilstuna, Sweden, have arrested at least three suspects following a night of 'unparalleled' arson fires, according to reports.

Emergency services responded to around 20 blazes on Sunday night, in a series of attacks authorities suspect may have been retaliatory following the recent arrest of a prominent gang leader.

Police believe patrols were possibly lured to a diversionary call about a man carrying a gun while arsonists lit blazes across the city, many involving cars.

"We have started an investigation into a serious gun crime, but have not really found anything that indicates that incident occurred," a police spokesman said, asserting the report may be re-classified as a 'false alarm.'

At around the same time, emergency services began receiving calls about fires around Eskilstuna.

"I feel for my colleagues at the fire brigade in Eskilstuna when I see their alarm history from last night. I also feel, over and over, that Sweden is not doing great," one Twitter user wrote alongside a screenshot of a packed SOS alert schedule.

Three men in their 20s, all previously-known to authorities, were apprehended at around 2:00 a.m. on Monday

Investigators are seeking more suspects and asking locals for additional information.

"Eskilstuna is on fire. Therefore, I say it again. The Swedish government, led by Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson, seems to have lost all control over the country, which has now been transformed into more or less a war zone in some places," MP Björn Söder tweeted.

"What a number of individuals subjected Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna residents, the police and the emergency services to tonight is unparalleled and there are not enough powerful expressions to resort to. But it's sick," municipal councilor Jimmy Jansson wrote on Facebook.

Gang warfare has become an extremely serious issue in many Swedish cities and 'no-go zones,' as Infowars Europe has regularly reported.

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