Swedish Firm Proposes Turning Notre Dame Roof Into a Giant Swimming Pool

A Swedish architecture firm has proposed turning the roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris into a giant swimming pool.

Yes, seriously.

In line with the French government’s announcement that a modern, contemporary redesign would be preferred, Stockholm-based Ulf Mejergren Architects (UMA) say the roof of the gothic church should become “a new meditative space with unmatched views over Paris.”

In order to return Notre Dame to “the city and the people” (which was already the situation before the fire), the company wants to install “a large public pool that occupies the whole roof.”

“Our addition is a complementary spatial experience to the building that will match the awe of the great interior; a space for thinking and self-reflection,” said UMA describing their project.

While the proposal sounds bizarre, it’s actually not as bad as some of the other ideas, which include turning the roof of the sacred structure into a giant greenhouse.

Another plan involves turning the roof into a banal garden with a mis-shapen penthouse plonked in the middle.

Architecture expert Tom Wilkinson also called for Notre Dame’s fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret as an apology to Algerian Muslims killed by French police.

As we previously reported, the French government has forbidden state-employed architects from giving interviews to the media about the Notre Dame fire, which destroyed the cathedral’s spire.

The actual cause of the fire remains a mystery.


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