Swedish Leader Calls to Seal Border

A Swedish political leader is calling on his government to establish a limit on incoming refugees.

Various political parties, specifically the Social Democrats, are abusing migration policies for short-sighted political gain, according to Moderate party chairman Christian Sonesson.

"I believe that Sweden must introduce a total refugee [limit], and many other moderates consider it too,” said Sonesson. “The Social Democrats are now selling out our common welfare by introducing an even more generous migration policy."

"[The Social Democrats] use migration policy to bring together [government support] in Parliament. Apparently, power is more important than the country's well-being."

An agreement entitling 20,000 migrants to be reunited with their families is reportedly the "generous" migration policy Sonesson is referring to.

Sonesson goes on to stress the significance of migration policies by saying they impact almost everything else a government is capable of doing.

He ultimately wants to bring all parties to the negotiation table for objective cooperation to solve the crises stemming from the nation’s migration policies.

Correspondingly, another Swedish politician slammed Sweden's policies as the most "disturbed" in the Western world.

"It's probably one of the most disturbed countries in the West. And it's not just about immigration,” said Alternative for Sweden's Gustav Kasselstrand. “It is about all the authorities we have today where most of them are taken over by left interests."

"So it is clear that it will take time. It has taken decades to make Sweden what it is today, thus in a negative way. So it will take decades to fix the problems."

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