Swedish Media Refuses to Report "Dark Skinned" Description of 10 Men Who Raped Woman

After police issued an alert for ten “dark skinned” men wanted for the rape of a woman in Sweden, numerous Swedish media outlets refused to report the appearance of the suspects.

Last weekend, a woman was gang raped in central Piteå in northern Sweden. She described the perpetrators as “dark-haired and dark-skinned.”

The police subsequently released this information because they wanted tips from the public that would lead to the culprits being arrested.

However, in media reports about the rape, news outlets deliberately omitted the description of the suspects, presumably (this is Sweden after all) over concerns about political correctness.

“Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter and Swedish Radio have reported on the rape but they all leave out the physical description,” reports Voice of Europe.

Chief Inspector Aron Backman suggested that the police had been completely transparent and that any failure to report on the physical appearance of the suspects was the fault of the media.

“We have released the information that the victim has provided. It is not as if we have held back on the description,” said Backman, adding that the media should share the description of the suspects to increase the chances of them being arrested.

This is yet another example of how political correctness is putting people at risk and preventing criminals from being arrested, in a similar vein to how Muslim grooming gang members in the United Kingdom were not aggressively prosecuted for over a decade.

As I highlight in the video below, a recent proposal to rename Sweden “Blandland” to reflect its multicultural diversity doesn’t really reflect how exciting Sweden has become since mass migration.

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