"Incredibly Powerful" Blast Rocks Swedish Neighborhood

A neighborhood in Helsingborg, Sweden, was the scene of an "incredibly powerful" explosion on Tuesday night, according to police.

While there were no injuries, an apartment building suffered "extensive damage" in the blast, which reportedly occurred at approximately 2:10 am.

Local residents began calling police to report the detonation after being startled awake, and the bomb squad arrived shortly after.

“There were quite a few windows, even upstairs, that were gone. The entire entrance was gone,” Lars Anderberg, an internal officer with the Emergency Services Skåne Northwest, told Expressen.

“There was a water leak due to damaged elements. But no person was injured.”

Police spokesperson Kim Hild described the explosion as "incredibly powerful" in comments to Fria Tider.

"It's more than just the door. All windows and the entire staircase are damaged," Hild said.

Two brothers with extensive criminal records, including convictions for assault, drug crimes, violations of the Arms Act, illegal threats, and attempted extortion, apparently live in an apartment near the epicenter of the blast.

"What I can say at the moment is that an intensive investigation phase is ongoing," Hild said. "There are no arrests and no one is scheduled to be arrested either."

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