Swedish Official Blasts Silence Culture Aiding Violent Crime

A Swedish police official criticized the difficulty of solving recent murders because no one is coming forward to aid law enforcement.

Three suspects have already been arrested and released due to lack of evidence aided by what Malmö's police call a “silence culture.”

"It is always when you are involved in this type of serious crime that you do not talk to us," said the official.

One of those suspects was reportedly a survivor of a previous shooting and the police haven’t ruled out revenge actions as part of a gang war.

The frequency and intensity of the gang violence occurring in the relatively small city of Malmö is believed to be a consequence of it being located close to its own suburbs, unlike Stockholm, a much larger, sprawling city.

The official emphasized that the local police force was not properly equipped to handle this degree of crime and that specialized talent was required.

“We need specialist reinforcement to move on,” said the official. “When investigating this serious crime, you must have special qualifications to work with.”

“This needs to be able to see the right eyes who ask the right questions. Broad education and high skills are required.”

Officials as recent as last week anticipated a rise in gang violence, saying that turf wars were currently underway between three or four gangs.

Correspondingly, Swedish officials are on record with concerns that a “shadow society” is forming among migrants who refuse to assimilate.

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