Swedish Leader Wants to Cut Welfare For ISIS Fighters

A Swedish politician wants his town to block welfare for returning ISIS fighters.

The failure of Sweden's government to properly address the crisis is the reason cities are now forced to take action, said Christian Sonesson of Staffanstorp in his Monday statement.

“Such people have, through their actions, turned from our free society and thereby also forfeited their opportunities to get the municipality's help,” said Sonesson. “Therefore, they will not receive support from the municipality in any form.”

“You are not covered by our welfare systems, you are not welcome in Staffanstorp, our solidarity is with the victims and freedom.”

Specific victims Sonesson mentions are the Yazidis of the community who he claims have been “particularly vulnerable to the IS terrorists' cruelty.”

Stressing the urgency of his stance, Sonesson cites a report revealing “violence-promoting Islamist environments have doubled in Sweden in less than a decade.”

“Salafism and Salafist Jihadism have evolved over a long period in Sweden,” the report reads. “Some notable events from the Swedish Salafist-Jihadist environment are the extensive travel to jihadist groups in the Middle East, as well as the terrorist attacks on Drottninggatan in Stockholm in 2010 and 2017.”

The report details the surging radical Islamist population in the country and how traditionally harmless elements enjoyed by the native society are exploited by bad actors to further sects of Islam in conflict with the Swedish government.

"We see that some Salafist groups use social media, lectures with ministers, and collaborations with organizations abroad to spread their messages," says the report's author. "Although many Salafist Imams spend a lot of time on uncontroversial subjects, [there are] depressing messages about women, gays, Jews, non-believers, and non-integration into Swedish society."

As of this writing, Sonesson's proposal will be voted on Wednesday by the regional board.

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