Swedish Police Injured as 'Youths' Wreak Havoc With Fireworks

A police officer has been hospitalized and others injured as authorities say they have received hundreds of calls about fireworks and 'rocket' attacks in recent days.

Cops responded to a report of 'young people' shooting explosives at residential properties in Karlskrona on Wednesday night.

“During the evening, there have been major problems with people firing rockets and fireworks in the area of Kungsmarken in Karlskrona,” Swedish police said in a statement. “Several of the rockets were aimed at balconies and properties and a number of residents have called the police.”

“The police were on site with several patrols and at 23:30 a policeman was hit by a rocket and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.”

The officer's injuries were classified as serious, but not life-threatening.

Another cop was wounded during the attack, and two young male suspects were arrested at the scene.

A similar event unfolded in Ale when a security guard came under siege from 'masked youths' targeting him with explosives.

"They have tried to shoot at a security guard there. The people were masked but no one was injured," police spokesman Johan Josarp told Götesburgs-Posten.

Josarp revealed that Swedish police received over 300 complaints involving fireworks and 'rockets' in just two days.

"There were not quite as many cases as the other day. But we have registered about 150 in the last 24 hours," Josarp said.

Fireworks and similar incendiary devices have become favorite weapons of choice for 'youth gangs' who use them in attacks on law enforcement and emergency responders across Western Europe.

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