Swedish Police Installing Loudspeakers to Fight Crime

Police in Malmö, Sweden, have begun using loudspeakers as a tool to fight crime in public spaces, according to local media.

Officers hope to discourage or interrupt illegal activity by playing prerecorded warnings or delivering verbal commands through the speakers, Fria Tider reports.

Authorities are touting the pilot program as it is rolled out in key locations across the culturally-enriched city, which has become known as a hotbed for rapes, bombings, gang warfare, and other violent crimes.

"I look forward to having another tool to use to keep in touch with the citizens of Malmö," said Andy Roberts, head of police in Malmö Norr district. "The police cannot be in all places at the same time, but the speakers allow us to be present in more places. The speakers are also a tool for us to create security and safety in the places where the speakers are located."

The first two speakers have reportedly been placed at the market square of Möllevångstorget, which Guidebook Sweden describes as, "the most prominent example of Malmös multicultural charm."

More speakers will soon be stationed at other sites around the city, and if the strategy is deemed succesful, across the country, as well.

In 2017, police in Stockholm began installing microphones in dangerous areas to aid in crime detection.

"The Stockholm County Administrative Board will use both surveillance cameras and sound detectors to pick up 'tell-tale sounds such as explosions, gunfire, the clatter of broken glass and the shrieks of women being attacked," reported Paul Joseph Watson at the time.

International logistics giant UPS recently suspended all home deliveries in the Malmö district of Rosengård, citing attacks on drivers.

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