Swedish Police Sound Alarm as Civilians Get Caught in Violent Gang Conflicts

Police in Sweden have voiced their concern as a growing number of innocent bystanders have been wounded or killed amid escalating gang violence.

A series of shootings in Stockholm that officials believe are linked have resulted in the death of an 18-year-old woman, and the serious wounding of a taxi driver and another man, all of whom were reportedly caught in the crossfire of retaliatory attacks between gang members.

"The conflict situation in the criminal circles is very serious right now," warned Stockholm regional police chief Ulf Johansson.

"Recently, the public has been hit during shootings in public spaces. We have the utmost respect and understanding for the concerns it brings to society."

Police say they are receiving very little cooperation, even from victims.

Independent reporter 'Based Poland,' a native of Sweden, offered a succint synopsis of the recent string of events.

“Another gang shooting has stirred up emotions in Sweden," he wrote. "Last night, gangsters used an AK47 to shoot up a taxi with 3 rivals in it in Stockholm. 2 innocents were hit, the cab driver & a man in an apartment behind the cab. This vid shows the ambulance helicopter taking the man away.”

“A couple of days ago, two men shot into an apartment with an Ak47, trying to kill a rival drug dealer. Instead they killed his 18 yo wife. The three men in the taxi were arriving to get info about that shooting but were set up.”

In August, a young mother was shot and killed by a "gang of masked gunmen" while walking a street in Malmö with her baby in her arms.

Authorities said they believed the gang's target was the child's father, a man with criminal records in both Sweden and Denmark.

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