Children Unable to Opt Out of School Meatless Plan Designed to Fight ‘Climate Change’

A school in Sweden is going completely vegetarian in an effort to positively impact the climate, according to reports.

The Gitarren Preschool in Umeå is testing the new policy during a trial period with a plan to implement it permanently, making it the first school in the municipality to pursue the radical approach.

All food served at the school will be totally meatless, and children will not have a choice to opt out of the program.

“This means that breakfast, lunch and snacks will be completely vegetarian,” Fria Tider reports. “And anyone who wants meat will not even be able to apply for it. No exceptions are made - everyone must eat vegetarian.”

Teachers claim parents and children are very excited and only positive feedback has been received by the school.

"There have only been positive reactions and many are grateful," teacher Markus Sandström told SVT. "We believe and hope that this can become permanent. So this is the idea, but it felt a bit drastic to go all out with it right away. We must evaluate properly first."

"We want to be clear that there is nothing political about this. This is something we do because we believe it has a positive climate impact."

A dietician will reportedly oversee the new menu's rollout to ensure children are receiving adequate nutrition.

The mainstream media defends terror while dreading the looming threat of justice.

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