Swedish Student Banned From Wearing Christian Cross For School Photograph

A 15-year-old student in Sweden was banned from wearing his Christian cross for a school photograph despite the fact that other students were allowed to wear their religious symbols.

The boy said that he was wearing a long chain with a metal Jesus cross as the pupils were being organized for a group photo.

He was then told by the female photographer that he would have to remove the cross because it could be “offensive” to others.

None of the Muslim students who were wearing headscarves for the photograph were asked to remove their religious symbols.

“I’m not the type who likes to quarrel. I gave her a meaningful look, so that she understood that I thought it was strange. I know that those who wear a veil did not have to take it off. Of course, I wish nothing that that would happen. But if I was forced to take off my cross, the same should apply to other religious symbols,” the boy told Christian newspaper Dagen.

The principal of the school subsequently blamed the photographer for her mistake and the incident has been reported to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) and the Children and Pupils’ Ombudsman.

As we have previously highlighted, religious bullying of Christian children who live in areas of Europe that are increasingly being subsumed by mass immigration is becoming a major problem.

Stories such as a girl at a school in Sweden having her pants pulled down and was threatened with rape because she didn’t look “Muslim enough” have unfortunately become commonplace.

A mother in Germany whose daughter was being bullied by Muslim students because she was blonde, Christian and didn’t wear a headscarf was also told by the headmaster of a school in Frankfurt to cover her up with a hijab.

In areas of some cities, young white women have also taken to wearing Islamic headscarves to prevent sexual harassment by Muslim men.



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