Swedish Towns Facing Economic Crises After Migrant Surge

Multiple municipalities in Sweden are facing economic crises due to an overloading of welfare-dependent migrants and reduced federal support, according to local media.

"Like many other Swedish municipalities, Filipstad has received thousands of immigrants from the Third World - almost all of whom live on grants," Fria Tider reports. "Filipstad will soon no longer be able to cope with the cost of social assistance."

Filipstad, a locality in south-central Sweden which had only about 6,000 residents as of 2010, now boasts a population of roughly 10,000, including some 2,000 "overseas" migrants, according to Expressen columnist Anna Dahlberg.

"Even after the major restructuring of the migration policy, the influx has continued. Relatives have joined, as well as some new arrivals from Stockholm," Dahlberg writes. "Filipstad has the most social welfare beneficiaries across the country in relation to the population."

"Of the city's over 10,000 inhabitants, over 2,000 have overseas backgrounds. A total of 80% of the adults in that group lack a job and another 10% are in labor market policy measures, according to the municipal executive."

Alarm bells are ringing in Vilhelmina, as well, where officials have reportedly proposed closing a local school in order to bridge budget gaps after the Migration Board reduced assistance to the city in the amount of roughly $4.2 million, prompting the outrage of parents.

"It would be a disaster for the village," a local parent told parent told SVT Nyheter.

Similar financial crises are also unfolding in other Swedish municipalities, according to SVT Nyheter.

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