Switzerland Quarantines All Active Duty Soldiers

Switzerland has placed all active duty army personnel in an 'effective quarantine' as coronavirus spreads across the country.

Roughly 10,000 soldiers will now follow new protocols and avoid contact with the general public after a serviceman who recently visited Milan, Italy, tested positive for the virus, according to The Local.

He and three soldiers with whom he shared a room were isolated in an infirmary at an army base in the canton of Bern.

“Events which involved interactions with the public have now been cancelled, while top-level meetings between senior staff officers will now happen via video conference rather than in person,” The Local reports.

“Although the army will continue to hold recruitment schools and refresher courses as per usual, measures have been taken to seclude service members from the general public.”

Visiting hours for service members have been canceled until at least mid-March.

Soldiers sharing sleeping quarters have been instructed to lie in a head-to-toe formation.

“At the moment, the members of the army take turns sleeping with their heads in one direction and their feet in the other,” said army spokesman Daniel Reist.

“In this way, the distance between people is kept as large as possible despite the limited space.”

At the time of this writing, Switzerland currently has 63 confirmed cases of coronavirus - a number that continues to rise daily.

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