Swiss Restaurants to Record Names, Addresses of Patrons For 'Contact Tracing'

Eating and drinking establishments in Switzerland will be required to record the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all patrons as part of an “analog” coronavirus contact tracing system, the government has announced.

Swiss officials took residents by surprise last week when they declared plans to speed up the lifting of national lockdown protocols, revealing that bars and restaurants would be clear to resume operations over a month ahead of expected schedule.

However, employees and customers will be expected to abide by new rules, at least for the time being.

“Anyone who visits a pub in the future must enter their surname, first name and telephone number, according to a protection concept presented by the GastroSuisse Association on Tuesday,” Blick reports.

“The landlord will collect the personal data. If there is a local corona outbreak, they can react quickly. An uncontrolled spread of the virus must be prevented.”

GastroSuisse President Casimir Platzer has likened the government-sanctioned measures to 'analog contract tracing,' in contrast with digital tracing, which would be achieved via smart phones, apps, and surveillence methods.

"The people who are looking forward to visiting a restaurant should be ready to hand over data,” Platzer said.

The 'protection concept' will reportedly apply across the entire hospitality industry.

Other rules will apply to restaurant customers at first, including restricting tables to four guests maximum and ensuring they maintain 'social distancing' from other patrons.

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