Swiss Police Brutally Attack Vax Passport Protesters

Police in Switzerland are intensifying their response to protests against COVID restrictions and vaccine passports recently imposed by the government.

Demonstrations have been growing across the country, including weekly marches in the capital city of Bern, since a draconian 'COVID certificate' mandate was announced in early September.

Swiss police are employing increasingly aggressive tactics and weapons to disperse crowds and discourage largely peaceful resistance.

Citizens reacted in shock as footage of officers brutally attacking a lone man on Thursday night in Bern went viral on social media.

A different angle of the arrest shows the man calmly walking up to a line of officers, seemingly to address them in a civil manner, before they violently set upon him and slam him to the pavement.

A spokesman for the Bern cantonal police claimed the reaction was warranted because the man had his hands in his pockets.

The victim is reportedly an active member of the medical community. He has already filed a legal complaint against Bern cantonal police.

Zurich cantonal councilor Claudio Schmid blasted the brutality, contrasting it against the manner in which left-wing demonstrations are effectively welcomed in the same city.

"This scene is from B E R N," Schmid wrote. "Not from Eastern Europe, not from Russia, not from China and not from Hong Kong either. The capital of Switzerland. A place where climate activists and other radical left weirdos are pampered by the authorities."

"You are destroying my country."

Police also deployed armored vehicles and fired water cannons and rubber bullets at demonstrators.

"Bad pictures from the demonstration in Bern yesterday. A man is lying on the ground and is being held down by several police officers and beaten in the back. More police officers stand around indifferent," the administrator of an open forum for Swiss issues wrote about the events of Thursday night.

"Such images are unworthy of a democratic Switzerland. It doesn't matter whether you agree with the protesters' statements or not. It doesn't matter whether the demonstration was officially approved or not. In Switzerland we have a constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration. Both mean that you do not need official permission to express yourself freely and to express your opinion publicly. In a democracy, the people decide whether they want to express themselves in the way they want to and the people are us."

COVID passports are now mandatory to enter many indoor spaces in Switzerland, including restaurants, bars, gyms, and venues.

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