Swiss Police Threaten to Arrest Trump Supporters at Biden-Putin Summit

Authorities in Switzerland threatened to arrest activists who staged a pro-Trump demonstration on Lake Geneva ahead of the Biden-Putin summit this week.

Organized by writer and commentator Noor Bin Ladin, the 'boat flotilla' was shut down mere moments after banners announcing "Trump Won" were unfurled in view of international media and tourists.

Officers quickly swarmed vessels occupied by Bin Ladin and her associates, confiscating materials they deemed "propaganda" under threat of arrest.

"Protesting on Lake Geneva was not only standing for election integrity but also standing with those who have been unjustly arrested for speaking the truth since January 6," Bin Ladin told Infowars Europe.

"The lengths to which those in charge are willing to go knows no boundaries - and apparently no borders. Even in Switzerland, the truth is censored."

"Freedom in the West is rapidly becoming nothing more than an illusion," she concluded.

Alex Jones breaks down the ramifications of newspapers withholding the identity of mass shooters.

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