Switzerland: Black Lives Matter Supporter Bludgeons Woman to Death With Metal Pan - Police

A man who described himself as a "proud Muslim" and Black Lives Matter supporter was shot dead by police during a deadly attack on an innocent woman in St. Gallen, Switzerland, authorities say.

The 22-year-old suspect, a Swiss citizen identified as Steve P., reportedly broke into a random woman's apartment at around noon last Wednesday, and proceeded to beat her over the head with a metal pan from her kitchen.

Police arrived quickly on the scene and after the suspect ignored orders to stop the assault, officers used lethal force to neutralize him.

The victim, a 46-year-old mother of three from Italy who was working in Switzerland as a nanny, sustained severe brain trauma and later died at hospital, according to 20 Minuten.

Prosecutors have revealed information about Steve P. that indicates he was a supporter of Black Lives Matter and claimed to have converted to Islam.

The man had ranted on social media about 'police violence' in the United States and praised the contributions of foreigners to Switzerland, Blick reports.

In a rap performance posted to Facebook, Steve P. sang, "I tell you, I will come with a gun and murder everyone... Because I am a proud Muslim, I stand up for blacks, Arabs and Turks and everyone who has a brown skin.”

Investigators say they believe the apartment and victim were chosen at random but a motive is still unknown.

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