Switzerland: Female Jihadi Injures Two in Suspected Terror Attack

Two women were wounded by a knife-wielding jihadist during a suspected terror attack in the Swiss city of Lugano, according to reports.

A 28-year-old female suspect already known to authorities was arrested in a department store after allegedly choking one victim and slashing the throat of another on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect grabbed a "huge knife" from a display and yelled, "Allahu akbar," and "I am from ISIS," during the rampage, witnesses told Tages Anzeiger.

"I turned around and saw two women on the floor," a witness said. "The woman on the floor screamed and tried to defend herself with both arms."

While the suspect has been described as a "Swiss woman" by mainstream media, she is reportedly a "radicalized" Islamic convert who carries a surname common in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Assault with a knife in Ticino: the perpetrator is known to the [Swiss federal police]. She appeared in a 2017 police investigation in connection with jihadist terrorism,” Swiss police wrote in a statement on social media.

“A department store in Lugano was the scene of a suspected terrorist-motivated attack on several people,” announced the federal Office of the Attorney General.

“In  this context, one person with Swiss citizenship was arrested and is now in custody ... The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland has opened criminal proceedings against this person."

While one victim suffered minor injuries, the other sustained serious wounds but is expected to survive.

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