Migrant Accused of Beheading Own Grandmother

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the beheading of his own grandmother in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

The woman's headless body was discovered in the family's apartment and the suspect was later arrested at Kloten International Airport in Zurich, according to local media – which has opted to hide the man's real name, using the pseudonym "Fatmir T." instead.

"The perpetrator in Frauenfeld was much more brutal than previously known," 20 Minuten reports. "When the police arrived, the victim's head was severed from the body."

Sources say the woman had been "deep in prayer" when her grandson allegedly barged into the room and committed the heinous act while an 87-year-old neighbor listened from her own apartment.

The neighbor says she heard a man yelling in the stairwell "in a language I did not understand."

The family had recently moved to the Swiss canton of Thurgau from Italy, however they originally hail from Macedonia.

Reports indicate that Fatmir T., an electrician's apprentice, had recently brought a Kalashnikov rifle to work, "which had caused great anxiety in the workplace," and prompted a police investigation.

Police also say that immediately following the murder, Fatmir T. showed up at a local police station and wordlessly turned in his cell phone before departing, leaving some to speculate that he may have captured the beheading on camera.

"The data of the mobile phone is currently being evaluated," says a police spokesman.

Frauenfeld is the site of a newly-opened mosque, but the local imam has denied any connection to Fatmir T.'s family.

Swiss media have consulted with Islamic terrorism expert Kurt Pelda who has examined Fatmir T.'s social media presence.

"The connection to Islamists is low," Pelda says. "But he liked the photo of a Macedonian who is known for his sympathy for the Islamic State and who used to speak in the An'Nur Mosque in Winterthur." [Winterthur is located 10 minutes drive from Frauenfeld.]

Pelda also reports that Fatmir T. posted a photo of grilled sausages captioned, "This is Ramadan in Sardinia," and has made disparaging comments about Jesus Christ on his Facebook page.

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