Switzerland Prepares to Exit Lockdown

Switzerland will soon begin the process of exiting a lockdown imposed due to a particularly aggressive spread of coronavirus within the country.

Officials announced plans to begin reopening the economy starting April 27th.

The scheme will be rolled out in three stages if all goes according to schedule.

“Switzerland will start easing its coronavirus lockdown from April 27, allowing businesses like hairdressers and garden centres to re-open their doors. Children should be able to return to compulsory schooling from May 11,” Swiss Info reports.

“From June 8, higher education establishments, museums, zoos and libraries will be open once again, providing there is no resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.”

A re-opening date for restaurants and bars is yet to be determined.

"This will give us all a perspective for the near future and businesses have time to prepare for a reopening of shops under the rules of social distancing and hygiene precautions," said Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga during a press conference on Thursday.

A ban on gatherings of more than five people will remain in place for the time being, according to Interior Minister Alain Berset.

"We want to proceed as swiftly as possible and as slowly as necessary," Berset said.

"We have to avoid a stop-and-go policy."

Switzerland began tightening social controls at the end of February and imposed a semi-strict lockdown that went into effect on March 23.

However, a nationwide stay-at-home decree was never issued.

Switzerland has 26,732 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,281 related deaths at the time of this writing.

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