Swiss Government Prioritizing Security Over Returning ISIS Fighters

The debate over the potential return of foreign terrorist fighters has recently escalated in Europe. On Wednesday, reports stated that Austria has declined appeals to take captured ISIS fighters back.

The Swiss government will not provide assistance to adult nationals who joined terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq in their efforts to return to Switzerland, Arab News reported, citing the authorities.

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According to the report, the officials appealed to national security interests in explaining the move.

"For the government, the ultimate goal is clear: Switzerland's security and the protection of its population are top priorities," it said.

The Swiss authorities further noted that they would use measures to prevent new attempts of extremists to slip back into Switzerland.

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This comes after earlier reports that Austria intended to withdraw consular protection for its citizens who had fought alongside ISIS, declining appeals to take captured ISIS fighters back.

Recently, the situation regarding the potential return of foreign terrorist militants has intensified in Europe. On February 16, US President Donald Trump called on European countries to take back more than 800 ISIS fighters captured by the United States in Syria, and put them on trial.

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