Switzerland's Top Party Wants to Deport Illegals Amid Virus Crisis

Switzerland's strongest political party is calling for deportations and swift rejections of illegal migrants amid the coronavirus crisis.

The nationalist-populist Swiss People's Party (SVP), which holds the largest share of seats on the National Council, blasted left-wing strongholds for harboring illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers, saying they have exacerbated the spread of coronavirus across the country.

“In Geneva, there is one case of COVID-19 per 100 inhabitants,” SVP said in a statement. “This makes the canton most affected by the pandemic of all cantons.”

“Illegal migrants, such as tens of thousands tolerated by Geneva in violation of federal law, appear to be among the pandemic drivers - with devastating consequences for the whole country: Because of the many coronavirus cases, all people in Switzerland had to endure massive state intervention and now have to pay the resulting horrendous costs.”

Illegal migrants have reportedly been acutely afflicted with coronavirus and play a distinct role in spreading the disease by disregarding quarantine measures, not getting tested due to lack of health insurance - which is mandatory for all Swiss residents - and other key factors.

“This laissez-faire approach is no longer tolerated. The SVP calls on the federal government to finally take action,” the party has demanded. “It is unacceptable that illegals are euphemistically called ‘sans papers’ and are not harassed by the authorities.”

“Illegal migrants must finally be consistently deported and new arrivals without visas or residence permits must be consistently turned away at the border. In addition, cantons and cities that do not enforce federal law on migration must be called to account.”

There are between 90,000 - 250,000 illegal aliens (also referred to as 'sans-papiers' by pro-migration activists) currently living in Switzerland, according to Unia, one of the country's largest labor unions.

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