Police Shoot Sword-Wielding Attacker at Finland School

A man is suspected of attacking students and staff at a vocational school in Kuopio, Finland, killing one and injuring nine before he was neutralized by responding officers, according to reports.

Police say the suspect is a "native Finnish man" who is also enrolled at Savo Vocational College, which is located inside a shopping center in Kuopio.

"Law enforcement and hospital officials say the victims suffered cuts and slash wounds from a sabre-like weapon. The man was also carrying a gun, but police said they did know whether he fired it," YLE reports.

Officials say the suspect also started a fire at the scene, and that "carefully constructed" incendiary devices were discovered upon a search of his residence.

One woman was killed during the attack, and another victim was seriously injured, while eight others suffered non-life threatening wounds, including a police officer.

Officers discharged their firearms while confronting the suspect, seriously wounding him. He faces a variety of charges, but as he is in intensive care, police have been not able to interview him to ascertain a motive.

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