Syrian Migrant Arrested for Brutal Murder at Swedish Campsite

A Syrian migrant already known to authorities was arrested following a brutal murder at camping grounds in Sweden over the weekend, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded during the night from Saturday to Sunday in Katrineholm, a municipality approximately 90 miles from the capital city of Stockholm.

A body was found at the Djulö campsite on Sunday morning.

The victim was identified as male in his 20s who was visiting from Stockholm.

He had been beaten to death with some sort of object, police say.

"The suspect, a 21-year-old migrant with citizenship in Syria, was requested on Wednesday to be detained on suspicion of murder," Samnytt reports.

"The degree of suspicion is the highest - for probable cause. An arrest hearing will be held on Thursday."

The Syrian already has a criminal record in Sweden, having racked up previous arrests and convictions for sexual harassment, theft, and violations of knife law.

The suspect is a resident of Katrineholm, according to SVT.

The slogan of the Djulö campsite is reportedly, "Peaceful, harmonious joy!"

Infowars Europe frequently reports on shocking crimes committed by migrants and 'asylum seekers' in Sweden.

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