Syrian Migrant Beheads Neighbor, Then Stabs 130 Times

A Syrian man stabbed his 21-year-old neighbor 130 times killing her and leaving her sister in critical condition in Vetlanda, Sweden.

The original grievance against his upstairs neighbor was that she was too loud, but during his trial, he said he "lost control" because he believed the victim made a "racist" remark during a previous conversation, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

“I understood the ‘movement’ of the victim during the conversation before the [killing] as racist,” said the killer.

On the night of the February 20th killing, the sisters barricaded themselves in their bathroom, where they repeatedly apologized to their attacker.

“It’s [too] late,” he said.

The surviving sister played dead after being stabbed in the lung while the man cut off her sister’s head and began stabbing the body 130 times.

The 26-year-old Syrian man, who had been in Sweden since 2012, turned himself over to the authorities.

During the trial, a lawer asked a coworker of the victim if she had a history of expressing "any criticism of immigration."

In addition to not recalling such criticism, the coworker voiced how that could be connected to the murder.

The court sentenced the man to life in prison as well as having to pay the surviving sister $220,000 for her suffering; she is currently in a psychiatric department where she reportedly has constant suicidal thoughts.

The Judge reportedly had “special reasons” for the ruling despite the killer legally suffering from mental illness at the time of the murder.

An additional sentence for the killer was his expulsion to Syria, where he said he would be killed because of his profession as a “courier.”

"The Islamic State and the Free Syrian Army will kill me," he said.

Correspondingly, analysis has revealed that in the last four years, over 1,000 Europeans have been maimed or murdered by Islamist asylum seekers.

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