Syrian Teen Gets Probation After Brutal Stabbing in Germany

A Syrian teen has been convicted in a near-fatal stabbing attack in Germany but will only serve a suspended sentence and attend mandatory schooling, despite a record of threatening other lives in his host country, according to reports.

Mohammad A., 17, vowed to attack his victim on a train platform in Beucha, and fulfilled his promise days later, executing a stabbing which he knew was "life-threatening," according to the prosecution.

Sebastian M., 17, barely survived after being rushed into surgery at the University of Leipzig with knife wounds to both thighs, clavicle, abdomen, and arm.

Mohammad was reportedly enraged that a girl he fancied was dating Sebastian instead, motivating his brutal attack.

"Originally, the arrest warrant had been issued against him because of the urgent suspicion of attempted manslaughter," Epoch Times reports.

Mohammad has been released and will only serve a two year suspended sentence.

"I beg your pardon? A previously violent Syrian threatens the subsequent victim in advance with death," writes Epoch Times contributor Frank Haubold. "Then stabbing repeatedly with full force on the victim, thereby suffering life-threatening injuries, and the prosecution sees no killing charge?"

"For me, judgments such as these are not only a mockery of the victims and the local population, but also an invitation to similarly structured violent offenders to feel more compulsion in the future when it comes to defending their own ‘honor’ or other bloody forms of self-realization, because in the West German justice system, perpetrators of this kind have little to fear."

The court discovered Mohammad had a documented history of violent threats in German youth asylum centers.

“The unaccompanied, underage refugee in two cases at the end of February and early March, 2018, held a deceptively genuine-looking toy gun to the heads of carers and issued threats," Epoch Times reports. "Both victims were afraid for their lives."

"In any case, numerous criminal investigations and prosecutions have recently been pending against the accused."

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