Syrian Women to EU: “Kick Our Men Out, Send Them Home”

Women in Syria are demanding the EU to “kick out” their men so they can return to rebuild the country.

Due to the war, Syria now houses more young women than men, according to Swedish reporter Johan-Mathias Sommarström who spoke to locals in Damascus.

“The solution is to kick them out [of Europe] and get them to Syria where they can start building the country,” said a woman. “The really young generation is still there and the old one, but the young men have died or left Syria.”

The demographic shift has led women to enter professions traditionally dominated by men.

“Previously, it was not accepted for women to work in certain areas, but now society is forced to accept it and I think that is good,” said another woman. "In the future, you will see women who repair cars because women have to take traditional men's jobs to be able to support their families.”

Conversely, the rising female workforce drew concern from other citizens.

“I think it's bad,” said a female university graduate. “This type of work is not suitable for women.”

Furthermore, about 70% of the people Sommarström encountered were “young women.”

“Before the war, just over four percent of households in Syria were economically led by women, now the figure is just over 22 percent,” reports Sommarström.

Sommarström’s observations appear to be in-line with reports stating that the vast majority of migrants entering the EU are military-aged men.

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