Teen Ambushed by Mob of 40 'Youths' in Belgium

A 19-year-old male is recovering from injuries sustained during a brutal beating inflicted by a mob of around 40 'young people' in Belgium this week, according to reports.

The horrifying attack unfolded at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday in Namur, capital of the Wallonia region of Belgium.

The victim, a teenager identified as Liam, was on his way to a train station after leaving school when he was singled out by an individual with whom he was familiar.

According to Liam's mother, his girlfriend had recently been sexually harassed via text message by another teen male and the aggressor vowed to beat Liam up when they crossed paths again.

Liam reportedly recognized he was in danger after being spotted by potential assailants and attempted to flee, but was caught by the group.

One suspect quickly punched him in the face and a savage frenzy ensued,

The beating was captured in disturbing video footage, portions of which were aired by local media.

The attack was eventually interrupted by a Good Samaritan – an effort that may have saved the young man's life.

"Without this man who came to his rescue and scared away the attackers, my son would certainly have died," Liam's mother Nadia told 7sur7. "If we find him, we would like to meet him and tell him how grateful we are to him for what he has done.”

"This video, I saw it. It was horrible. Seeing your son beaten up like this, I wouldn't wish that on any parent. I almost threw up when I saw it. It was unbearable. I immediately deleted it so I wouldn't see it again."

Liam miraculously escaped with only minor injuries but the incident was a final straw for his family and he has withdrawn from school out of concerns for his safety.

“For five years, more or less, the situation has deteriorated in this city. Our children are no longer safe,” Nadia said. “After what happened to Liam, several mothers contacted me to tell me that their children had experienced the same thing."  

"A policeman even confessed to one of them that he never goes back to his car alone after work, for fear that someone would run into him. If even those who must protect us are afraid...”

An investigation has been opened into the attack and authorities are working to identify suspects.

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