Teen Beaten, Shot by Mob on Bus in France

A teenage boy was hospitalized after being beaten and shot by a group of attackers aboard a bus in France this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 8 p.m. on Monday night in Rennes, a city in the region of Brittany.

A mob of around six suspects boarded a public bus near Place de la République in the city center and launched a brutal assault on a 15-year-old passenger, France Bleu reports.

When the victim tried to defend himself, one of the assailants reportedly drew "a handgun" and discharged multiple shots inside the transport, police say.

The teen suffered a gunshot wound to the hand along with other injuries and was transported to hospital in serious condition where he remained until at least Wednesday, according to 20 Minutes.

"A group of people boarded the 820 bus of the Kéolis company at the République stop and physically attacked a young minor aged 15, domiciled in Rennes, by beating him," the public prosecutor of Rennes said on Tuesday, noting that the victim and his attackers knew each other.

"One of the aggressors also used a firearm several times, striking the victim in the hand."

The driver of the bus was also hospitalized in a state of shock, and the local transport union issued a statement denouncing a lack of response to increasing violence and criminality threatening the safety of employees and passengers in the city.

“After having demanded from the on-call service that all the buses of the network return to the depot for safety reasons — because the suspect had run away and was walking around the city with his weapon, which could endanger the safety of the employees of the company, as well as the users on any line and or metro — the management refused putting forward the obligation of public safety!!!!” the union explained.

An investigation into "voluntary homicide" is ongoing and plans for the establishment of a "public transport surveillance brigade" are reportedly being discussed.

Infowars regularly documents attacks carried out on and around buses and public transportation in Western Europe.

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