Teen Beaten Unconscious, Teeth Smashed by Migrant Gang Demanding Cigarettes

A 16-year-old boy was beaten unconscious by a migrant gang demanding he give them cigarettes at a park in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, according to reports.

The victim was out with friends on Friday evening in the Flemish city when he was approached by a group of migrant teens, HLN reports.

“My son had gone out with a few comrades after school," the boy’s father said. "He was sitting on a bench in the park with a friend, talking to him when they were suddenly addressed by a group of immigrant youths. They were boys he didn't know.”

“They demanded that he hand over his cigarettes. My son asked why he had to do that and almost immediately after that he got hit. While one boy was holding him, the other four beat him black and blue. The boy who was with him couldn't do anything against such an overwhelming force.”

Only after the victim lost consciousness did the beating subside.

"He then regained his sense and took himself to the emergency room of the AZ Nikolaas hospital," the boy’s father continued. "They had hurt him badly. Six of his teeth were smashed and his nose was badly bruised.”

“The perpetrators fled, but I hope that witnesses will turn up who can put the police on their trail. Such senseless violence cannot go unpunished.”

“My son is traumatized by what happened,” the man said. “He would normally like to go to school but now he is afraid to run into these young people again. And all this because of a pack of cigarettes.”

Flemish MP Dries Van Langenhove, well-known for his anti-mass migration positions, weighed in on the attack, tweeting, “Like (almost) always: Perpetrators -> aliens. Victim -> Flemish. Solution -> remigration.”

Sint-Niklaas police have opened an investigation into the attack.

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