Teens Jumped by Mob Outside French Hospital

French police arrested over a dozen suspects after two teens were brutally beaten by mob of youths near a hospital in Bordeaux on Friday evening, according to reports.

At least twelve patrols were dispatched to mitigate chaos outside Hospital Pellegrin at around 6 p.m.

"Two 15-year-olds were attacked by a group of forty teenagers aged 15 to 18," France Bleu reports.

"The two young people were battered, one of them was severely beaten to the point of unconsciousness. He was diagnosed with a slight head trauma."

Many of the suspects fled as police arrived on the scene, but thirteen suspects between the ages of 14 and 18 were apprehended.

Three of the suspects could face charges of 'willful violence,' nine more could be charged with 'participation in a group to commit violence,' and final suspect was found to be carrying a knife, according to Actu 17.

However, the victims could not identify any of their attackers and the suspects were all released.

An investigation into the incident is reportedly ongoing.

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