Terror Victims Receive “Embarrassing” Compensation After Islamic Attack

German survivors of a terror attack are criticizing their victim-pensions as being too low or not even being approved.

Astrid Passin, the spokesperson for the survivors of Berlin's 2016 Christmas market terror attack, did not mince words about her first pension.

"Many feel that what the federal government now offers us is ridiculous and embarrassing,” she said.

Passin’s father was murdered by Islamist Anis Amri who drove a truck into a crowded Christmas market killing 12 and injuring over 70.

Her monthly pension is 140 euros and she reportedly suffers from psycho-reactive disorder.

Other victims of the attack who also suffer from the disorder were denied any pension compensation because the they did not meet a certain degree of damage, according to Germany's Kieler Nachrichten.

Moreover, no claim can be provided without an official report proving sufficient psychological damage.

The survivors criticize this procedure and Passin specifically fears walking away empty-handed as she is not certain of the metrics the program will use to measure her degree of suffering.

"I do not know how to catalog that," said Passin. "If I collapse during the examination and leave a mentally damaged impression, I get something."

“But on the day of the investigation, if I stand firm and tough, will I leave blank?”

Conversely, an Iraqi migrant arrested for murdering a German teen in May is on record bragging to his family back home about how they would not have work as the state would take care of them.

“We would not have to work hard, Germany would take care of us and we would get a salary from the state,” said a cousin of the migrant.

The migrant, who confessed to killing a 14-year-old girl, entered Germany in 2015 with his parents and seven siblings.

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