Thousands of Somalis Moving From Turkey to Greece With NGO Help

Over 2,000 Somali migrants have accumulated in Turkish coastal cities as they wait to move on to Greece with help from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Turkish government, according to reports.

The Greek island of Lesvos has already seen a surge of Somalis landing illegally on its shores, with migrants from the East African nation comprising two-thirds of arrivals since the beginning of November.

"According to information from Athens, more than 2,000-2,500 African immigrants, from Somalia and the Congo, are currently 'stacked' in Dikelli and Izmir, in order to cross into Greece," Proto Thema reports.

Migrants have reportedly been making the nearly 3,000 mile journey from their homelands to Istanbul by air, where they are guided further along by human smuggling networks operated by NGOs.

At minimum, the Turkish government reportedly turns a blind eye to the movement of thousands of illegal aliens across its borders and territory and on to Europe.

However, some believe the Turks may actually be helping migrants proceed from point to point along the route.

"Initially, they travel by plane from Mogadishu to Istanbul and from there by road, using subsidized tickets and visas from the Turkish government," Ethnos explains.

"The Turkish government grants visas to immigrants, with the only condition being a health certificate from Erdogan Hospital, located in the [Somali] capital of Mogadishu, or a diploma from a Turkish university in the same city."

Migrants cited by Ethnos say their trips were arranged by NGOs and Turkish authorities allowed them to move freely with little oversight.

“I do not know how the NGO works, although it helped me get to Turkey,” one migrant said. “Turkish smugglers told us that as soon as we arrived in Mytilene, an NGO called the Aegean Boat Report would help us. We had to send photos and videos via WhatsApp or Facebook.”

"Not once did the Turkish police check our documents. There were no police checks at all.”

Greek authorities have been battling NGOs they say are in involved in human smuggling, espionage, and tax evasion, among other crimes.

A total of 33 suspects tied to four NGOs were rounded up in late September amid an extensive probe conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, as Infowars Europe has reported extensively.

German MP Petr Bystron recently brought Infowars Europe to visit a location in Berlin believed to serve as headquarters for multiple NGOs implicated in the widening scandal.

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