Thousands of UK-Bound Migrants Amassing in Coastal France

Massive numbers of migrants are congregating in northwestern France in hopes of crossing the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom, according to reports.

More than two thousand illegal aliens hailing mostly from outside Europe are amassing in French coastal regions amid a historic migration surge across the Channel.

“The number of migrants in the area has roughly doubled since March, it is understood, with more than 9,000 having successfully reached British shores so far this year,” The Times reports. “About 8,000 people have been prevented from crossing.”

“The UK authorities are focusing on trying to intervene earlier on migrant routes and educate people of the dangers of the Channel crossing and the brutality of some of the gangs running the boats.”

Officials continue to claim they are working to stem the tide of illegal migration via the Channel, even after a record 430 aliens made the crossing during a 24-hour span earlier this month.

Nearly 600 migrants were caught in the Channel over the following weekend.

The number of illegal aliens crossing the Channel soared to record heights in June as more than 2,000 boat migrants arrived to Britain in just 30 days.

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