Thousands of Well-Funded Male Migrants Terrorizing Bosnian Border Town

Thousands of migrants with a mysterious and relatively abundant flow of funding have been making life hell for residents of the Bosnian border of town Bihac, according to reports.

Hungarian journalists from Informátor have paid multiple visits to the town and surrounding area to gauge the severity of the situation, which citizens say has been dire for many months.

“Naturally I have had enough. We are never able to go out; we can never have anything in our hands, not even our phones, because they take it from us,” a local woman told Informátor reporters. “We are terrified in our own homes; we lock everything, because we are afraid the migrants will break in. It is terrible situation.”

Bihac’s native population is approximately 40,000, but an additional 5,000 to 6,000 migrants are present at any given time, the vast majority of whom are 'military-aged males.'

“We are not safe here; after 6pm we can’t go outside, because it is extremely dangerous,” a young woman said. “That is the biggest problem.”

Crime in Bihac has risen by 30 to 40 percent since migrants began arriving en masse, according to local police.

Authorities say they have attempted to determine the sources of a seemingly limitless stream of funding to the migrants, with little luck.

“Most of the migrants who arrive in our area have money in their pockets,” a police spokesman said. “Here, they use a variety of transactional methods, such as Western Union.”

“They must be getting more funds from somewhere, but we can’t tell from where. Some of them claim their families are sending them money, but concerning that, we were unable to investigate anything.”

One local man asserted the migrants have “unlimited funds,” enabling them to buy “the latest smartphones” and other items.

In November, 2018, Infowars Europe helped bring to light revelations that migrants were using preloaded MasterCard debit cards bearing insignias of the E.U. and U.N. to pay for goods and services along their journeys.

There is also evidence that the project is traceable to infamous Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

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