Three Afghan Migrants Arrested After Fatal Stabbing Aboard Bus in Sweden

An Afghan migrant and his two sons have been arrested in the brutal stabbing murder of a man aboard a bus in Kiruna, Sweden, according to reports.

The 21-year-old victim had reportedly fled onto the bus seeking protection from his assailants before they chased him aboard and knifed him.

Police apprehended an Afghan man in his 40s, as well as his two teenage sons, and are holding them under suspicion of murder, according to charging documents reviewed by Swedish media.

“According to the Swedish Tax Agency, the trio came to Sweden from Iran, like many other Afghans who have come to Sweden in recent years. They were registered in 2015 as immigrants to Sweden by the Swedish Tax Agency,” Nyheter Idag reports.

The father reportedly holds a permanent residence permit, and his sons were recently granted Swedish citizenship, shielding them from deportation, regardless of conviction.

Authorities say the victim and his attackers knew each other and indicate 'jealousy' or revenge may have been a motive for the crime.

The suspects deny the charges, reportedly admitting there was a violent altercation, but claim they only acted in self-defense.

“This is about an emergency situation where he protected himself against the now deceased,” said the defendants’ attorney, Jonas Westerlund.

“There was a previous threat from the deceased against my client and his family. At this time, it became an emergency situation where he had to defend himself.”

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