Three Dead After Gunman Opens Fire in Streets of Italian City - Report

A gunman opened fire in the streets of the Italian city of Ardea near Rome, killing two children and an elderly man, the Italian media reported on Sunday.

The elderly man reportedly died on the spot, while two brothers, a five-year-old and a ten-year-old, were hospitalised, but medics were unable to save their lives.

According to the TV channel RaiNews24, the shooter managed to escape. The officers were searching for him in Ardea, as well as in the neighbouring cities of Pomezia and Anzio, and later found the suspect barricaded in his own house.

The suspect is reported to be a 34-year-old man with a mental illness.

Several photos allegedly taken at the scene of the attack have since emerged on social media.

"I was there and the situation is now under the control of the police. It saddens me enormously what happened. All the people involved in the incident are local residents, including the person who opened fire. I have provided all the necessary information to the Carabinieri, I hope the perpetrator will be caught as soon as possible," the mayor of Ardea, Mario Savarese, told ANSA.

"It seems that everything was caused by a pointless quarrel," he stressed.

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