“Too Dangerous”: PostNord Refuses to Deliver Packages to Migrant Suburb of Malmo

Swedish state-owned mail company PostNord has announced that it can no longer deliver packages to a heavily migrant populated area of Malmo, Sweden because it is too dangerous.

The policy has actually been in place for years in neighboring Seved, but is receiving fresh attention after a resident of Augustenborg, Sylvia Ziegler, complained about her address being blocked on PostNord’s system.

When she enquired as to why she was not receiving packages, Ziegler was told by PostNord that it was too unsafe to deliver to the area due to robberies and attacks on staff.

“What happens next, the ambulance will not come if I get a heart attack?” asked Ziegler, who suggested that PostNord could employ security guards to accompany their delivery staff.

Like Augustenborg, the nearby area of Seved is also notorious for its problems with drug dealing and crime, and PostNord has the same policy in place.

According to PostNord regional manager Jan Allan Eklund, three separate incidents over the past seven years prompted the decision by the company.

“It’s about threats to the staff and three serious incidents,” said Eklund, adding, “the situation is not stable.”

Residents of Seved are asked to collect their packages from a sorting office elsewhere, although this is proving difficult for some elderly residents who cannot make the journey.

Sweden’s migrant populated no go zones, called “sensitive” or “vulnerable” areas by the government, of which Seved is one, have been under the spotlight since Donald Trump mentioned Sweden’s problems with crime as a result of mass immigration in a speech last year.

Back in January, the UK government officially warned citizens traveling to Malmo to be aware of the threat of “gang related crime, shootings and explosions.”

Areas of the city have also been plagued by grenade attacks, gang rapes and the firebombing of a Jewish chapel. In November last year, a local radio station was also hijacked to play an ISIS recruitment songs.

This is not the first time that PostNord has announced it will stop delivering packages to certain areas of Sweden.

In April last year, the company said it would cease delivery to the Rinkeby area of Stockholm, another notorious no go zone where journalists have been attacked, because it was “not considered safe for staff.”

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