German Officials Clash in Parliament Over Berlin-Based NGOs Busted for Migrant Smuggling

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was confronted on the floor of parliament after news broke that Greek authorities had busted a human smuggling network allegedly run by agents of multiple non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based in Berlin.

A total of 33 suspects working for four NGOs were rounded up in late September amid an extensive probe conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies who believe the trafficking network was engaged in espionage and attacks on national security.

Reports indicate NGO operatives coordinated with colleagues and migrants located on Greek islands – particularly Lesvos – to steer thousands of illegal aliens onward from Turkey to European soil.

After Infowars Europe brought international attention to the story, German MP Petr Bystron raised the issue with Maas during a session in the Bundestag.

“In my questioning, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas denies that German NGOs are smuggling migrants in the Mediterranean. Yet they [NGO operatives], like Pia Klemp, publicly admit that they are not engaged in sea rescue operations but want to smuggle as many migrants as possible into Europe,” Bystron wrote on social media alongside video of his debate with Maas.

Maas claimed to be completely unaware that Greek authorities had smashed the trafficking operation or that German-based NGOs and their personnel were implicated.

Bystron - Maas interaction translated to English below

"The German government, on the one side, is denying supporting all those groups [NGOs], but on the other side, it is supporting them. A very nice expression of the support is that Germany is the only country in the world giving flags to those [NGO] ships. They are all now under German flag," Bystron told Infowars.

MP Bystron credits Infowars Europe as being "the first" international outlet to cover the sweeping takedown after reports first surfaced in Greek media, and he asserts the German mainstream press has completely ignored or suppressed the story.

“Infowars journalist [Dan Lyman] was the first to report outside Greece on the arrest of the 33 NGO workers on Lesvos. I visited the headquarters of the smuggling network in Kreuzberg with him on Friday!” Bystron tweeted.

MP Bystron recently brought Infowars Europe to visit a location in Berlin believed to serve as headquarters for multiple NGOs tied to migrant trafficking activities.

A months-long investigation into the smuggling network was reportedly launched by Greece in May and originally targeted six NGOs, but evidence has only been brought against four of the organizations, at least two of which are headquartered in Berlin.

Infowars Europe reports from the scene of a clash between German police and Antifa in Berlin after authorities evicted dozens of left-wing radicals from a squat house that had been occupied for decades.

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