Transgender Murderer Who Identifies as a Baby Fears For Life if Moved to Men’s Prison

A prisoner who strangled a cellmate to death before later identifying as transgender and a baby now fears for his life if authorities decide to send him to a men’s prison.

Daniel Eastwood strangled his cellmate Paul Algie to death with his shoelaces at Dumfries Young Offenders Institution in 2004 and received a life sentence.

After declaring himself transgender and changing his name to Sophie in 2017, Eastwood was moved to Cornton Vale women’s and young offenders’ prison in Sterling.

This is the same prison to which Isla Bryson was sent before a scandal forced the Scottish government to do a u-turn. Bryson was convicted of raping two women, incidents that occurred when he still identified as his biological gender.

More recently, Eastwood began identifying as a baby and prison guards catered to his demands, which included being given adult sized nappies to wear, baby food to eat and for guards to hold his hand while outside the cell.

After the scandal surrounding Bryson, original name Adam Graham, authorities are now under pressure to send Eastwood to a male prison.

However, Eastwood claims that this is putting his life in jeopardy.

“I was threatened by other prisoners in the male estate when I started to transition and the main threat was that I would suffer serious sexual violence,” Eastwood claimed.

“It was a relief to be moved to the female estate where I have felt safe and I’ve gained the trust of fellow prisoners.”

“The recent outcry has led to the SPS having to review every transgender person in custody,” Eastwood said. “I believe I’m in the right place and don’t think I could survive in the male estate.”

Eastwood asserts, despite murdering someone, that he has “no history of gender violence” and that it would be “impossible for me to feel safe in a male prison.”

Transgender convicts at Cornton Vale are housed alongside pregnant, vulnerable and mentally-ill women and must take communal showers with them.

After pushing for a Gender Recognition Bill that would have allowed men to identify as women even if they had been convicted of attacking women, Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon resigned earlier this month, saying she had been in the job long enough.

However, in an interview with the Telegraph, the frontrunner to replace her, Kate Forbes, insisted that transgender rapists born as men were still men.

“No rapist can be a woman,” the 32-year-old said. “Isla Bryson is a man.”


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