France: Trucker Dies After Fight With Migrants on Highway

A truck driver passed away shortly after an altercation with migrants who were trying to board his trailer on a highway in France, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 11 p.m. on Sunday night on the A16 motorway in Beuvrequen, a commune near the port city of Calais.

A 48-year-old Portuguese trucker confronted a group of migrants trying to force entry to his vehicle when he was viciously attacked.

"The truck driver saw that migrants were trying to get into his trailer," the local prosecutor explained, as reported by La Voix du Nord.

"The driver got out of his cabin. One of the migrants hit him in the head. They all fled. The truck driver got back into the truck. His colleague noticed, five minutes later, that he was suffering from discomfort."

During the altercation, the man was reportedly punched by one of the migrants in the head.

Moments later, he suffered a heart attack and died, France Bleu reports.

The victim's co-driver called emergency services who arrived on the scene but were unable to revive him.

The public prosecutor has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into "fatal blows and violence leading to death without intention to give it."

Migrants attempting to commandeer or stowaway inside trucks bound for the UK have become regular occurrences in the Calais region with videos of brazen hijackings and attacks sometimes caught on video.

The smash and grab epidemic popularized by Black Lives Matter and marginalized by the Democrat party has come to Austin, Texas.


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