Turkey Deploys Special Forces to Drive Rejected Migrants Back To Greece

Turkey announced 1,000 special forces personnel are being deployed to the border to drive back thousands of migrants rejected by Greece.

The move comes amid reports that illegal migrants discouraged by Greece's staunch anti-invasion response are retreating back into Turkey.

"They wounded 164 people. They tried to push 4,900 back to Turkey," interior minister Süleyman Soylu claimed in statements to international press.

"We are deploying 1,000 special force police to the border system... to prevent the push-back."

Greek officials say border guards and military had repelled over 32,000 illegal crossings by Saturday morning after Turkey announced migrants were free to flood into Europe.

"Thousands of migrants are stuck in the buffer zone between the two countries after Turkey declared it was allowing migrants and refugees to reach Europe," Ekathimerini reports.

Athens has announced plans to deport all migrants who arrived illegally after March 1st as part of an effective invasion initiated by Turkey at the end of February.

Greek civilians are reportedly bolstering border patrols, with farmers and former military personnel aiding in the effort to repel an invasion from the east.

“These days, more than 500 volunteers help protect the border,” a Greek official told Sputnik. “They are residents of the cities of Feres, Traianopoli and Alexandroupoli; they are members of our association, ordinary citizens, farmers, fishermen, and livestock breeders.”

“Day and night we patrol the river and surrounding area, controlling certain crossing points where, according to the information we have, refugees may attempt to enter Greece. Having coordinated with the military and border guards, we create a duty list, with each duty lasting from five hours to as much time as each of us can endure.”

Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what is behind Erdogan's latest call to invade Europe.

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