Two Arrested After ‘Heavy Blast’ Rocks Restaurant in Sweden

Two people in the Swedish city of Malmö have been arrested following a large explosion at a restaurant late on Friday, according to local media.

Swedish television broadcaster SVT described a "heavy explosion," with pictures of the aftermath showing widespread damage to the restaurant.

“It is very extensive damage so it must have been a heavy charge that exploded,” Malmö police commander Jerker Olsson said, adding that they were tipped off by an alarm system, resulting in no injuries.

Olsson also said that the restaurant had been targeted with molotov cocktails last month, but no injuries were reported.

This comes after a wave of 47 bombings hit the country in 2019, ten more than the same time last year.

Additionally, local media reports that around 150 Islamic jihadists have returned to Sweden from the Middle East after the U.S. destroyed the ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

(Photo Credit: JOHAN NILSSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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