Two Overnight Explosions In Sweden

Malmö, Sweden, was the scene of multiple overnight explosions, according to local media.

Sweden's multicultural epicenter served as ground zero for two detonations in the hours between Thursday night and early Friday morning, one of which has been described as "very powerful."

Police and bomb technicians were called to an explosion at a cafe in a multi-family housing unit at Dag Hammarskjöld's Square in the late hours of Thursday night, although it is reportedly still unclear what caused the blast.

"It is an explosive charge, we have had technicians in place during the night and now we will analyze the result," said Malmö police spokesman Jimmy Modin.

The detonation was heard across a wide swath of Malmö, according to witness accounts.

"I just shook and everything went black for a few seconds," one eyewitness told SVT Nyheter.

Police say they are collecting evidence from the scene and analyzing security camera footage for more information.

Additionally, a second blast occurred in Malmö mere hours later.

"The second explosion was smaller and occurred at a gate on Närkes Street at two o'clock at night," reports Fria Tider. "There, too, people on the spot had heard a bang and found damage to an entrance door."

Malmö is regularly rocked by explosions and disruptions.

"Two shootings in Swedish city Malmö tonight," reported journalist Peter Sweden on Thursday. "People barely care anymore, it's so common place now. Go back 20 years it would have been headline news for days because it was so uncommon."

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