UK Schools Stop LGBT Program After Muslim Backlash

Four more schools in Birmingham, U.K., have suspended an LGBT indoctrination program following a backlash by mostly Muslim parents.

The move comes shortly after nearby Parkfield Community School was forced to do the same amid mass protests by parents who withheld their children and signed a petition demanding an end to the "No Outsiders" program, which claims to teach primary students about 'equality' and tolerance.

"The resource aims to bring children and parents on board from the start so that children leave primary school happy and excited about living in a community full of difference and diversity, whether that difference is through ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion," the curriculum description explains.

Leigh Primary School, Alston Primary School, Marlborough Junior and Infants School and Wyndcliff Primary School have decided to scrap the program for now.

Leigh Trust, which oversees the schools, has issued a statement on the matter, asserting that "meaningful and open discussions with the parents of all children" will soon be held – after Ramadan.

"We are proposing that these meetings take place after Ramadan as we do not feel that we have enough time to offer meetings with parents of all of our children before the start of Ramadan," the Board of Directors said in the letter.

One mother who withdrew her child from the Parkfield school blasted the program in comments to Birmingham Live, calling it "inappropriate, totally wrong."

"Children are being told it's okay to be gay, yet 98% of children at this school are Muslim," she said. "It's a Muslim community."

"My child came home and told me am I okay to be a boy? It's confusing children about sexuality. I want my child to learn about English, maths and science."

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